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Text & Prompt Guide

Welcome to aicut.pro, where you can create engaging videos with your own scripts or let our AI generate scripts based on your ideas. To help you get the best results for your faceless channels, we have compiled a comprehensive guide.

Text vs. Prompt

Text: Using your text, you have complete control over the content. Your text dictates what the voiceover and captions will display.

Prompt: With prompts, you provide detailed instructions to our AI, which then generates a script based on your input.

Please note that neither text nor prompts will affect the image style or other aspects of the video. To customize these elements, use our video settings. Our algorithm generates images and captions that align with your content and chosen settings.

Prompt Guidelines

  1. Your prompt influences only the script text, not other aspects like image styles, caption style or speed. You can choose these options in the video settings.
  2. Our AI applies a special technique which aims to create a unique video for every prompt
  3. To create multiple videos with the same prompt, keep the instructions broad enough so that video contents will not repeat themselves.

Examples Prompts

  • Interesting History Facts: "Choose an intriguing historical fact and build a compelling narrative around it. The aim is to educate and fascinate the audience, making history come alive with vivid descriptions and captivating details."
  • Life Pro Tips: "Share a random life pro tip and provide a detailed explanation. This tip can cover various aspects such as personal finance, cooking, or relationships. Begin with an engaging introduction to capture the viewer's attention."

Text Guidelines

  1. Your text will be vocalized by a voiceover. Use punctuations in the text so that the AI knows how you want the text to be spoken.
  2. Our AI does currently not supports multi-language texts. Stick to one language from our supported languages.
  3. We have a maximum character count for the text. When you use the maximum length your video will typically be around 70 seconds long.

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